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Cancellation Policy

Reservations may only be cancelled by written notice sent by certified mail (return receipt requested) subject to the cancellation fees below to TravelRefinery.

In the event of cancellation by a Traveller sharing same accommodation, the rate charged to the remaining Traveller will have to be increased to the “Single Occupancy” rate, unless we can arrange for a shared accommodation.

Cancellation fees / charges are agreed to be “Liquidated Damages”, and not a penalty. Deposit towards a tour constitutes full acceptance of these “General Terms & Conditions” and to the cancellation policy as its details given below.

The Cancellation Fees are as follows,

  • Cancellation 31 days prior to departure date: 30% nonrefundable
  • Cancellation 30 – 15 days prior to departure date: 70% penalty
  • 14 days or less prior to departure date: 100% penalty & no refund
  • Cancellation policy will be the same with hotel’s cancellation policies unless otherwise stated
  • Cancellation policy is subject to change for issued flight tickets according to the Airline Company’s policy.
  • Cancellation policy is subject to change for groups consisting of 10 or more guests.

Some hotels may also charge cancellation fee for the group bookings cancelled subject to the cancellation date prior to check-in date. If such a remark is noted on our confirmation sheet this hotel fee will also be charged in full regardless of what is standing above.