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Dive into the turquoise waters of the Aegean..

With its countless beautiful islands to be discovered, Greece has a charm and serenity that no other blue destination in Europe has. The islands are divided into six main island groups in addition to Crete (Cyclades, Saronic, Ionian, Sporades, Northeast Aegean The Dodecanese). For a classic indulge in Greek romance & luxury, Cycladic Islands – are home to some of the most popular ones like Mykonos and Santorini, Milos, Paros. Crete – the largest Greek island – is a true mix of Greek authenticity, incredible beaches like the pink sand Elafonissi, culture & history with its Venetian towns, and amazing ruins and its unique customs and traditions. The closest island group to Athens is the Saronic Gulf islands which are home to the most charming ones like the car free Hydra while the Ionian group islands are a true embodiment of Italian, French and Britsh influences which can be traced in its unique local culture, architecture and cuisine, especially in the Old Town of Corfu protected by UNESCO. The Northeast Aegean islands and the twelve islands of the Dodecanese are the closest to Asia minor – today’s Turkey and the home of the medieval villages, early monasteries that shaped the early Christianity and history. Among them Rhodes, Kos, Samos and Patmos are the ones most visited by the history buffs.

The timeless authenticity of the Aegean..

Longing for a laid back, authentic way of life filled with simple pleasures of life? Like waking up late into the eternal marriage of blue and white, eating leisurely lunches on a paper tablecloth at a taverna and photographing the line of drying octopuses under the bright Greek sun, staying up late to dance and mingle with friends, a winding walk up the hill where an old Greek woman in widow’s weeds sitting on a wooden chair by her old stone house, or two old mates back gammoning and sipping Greek coffee under the shade of a tree. Each destination in Greece couldn’t be more different from each other, but each is quintessentially Greek, full of unpretentious food, untampered Greek hospitality and absolute relaxation where you mind slowly aligns with your body which has already begun to enjoy the slow living philosophy of this destination.

In the steps of Herodotus..

From the Bronze Age civilizations of Mycenae which is also called the “Age of Heroes and epics” like Hercules, the Iliad and the Odyssey; to the Classical period which brought us the historian Herodotus, the physician Hippokrates, the philosopher Socrates and the political reform Democracy, Greece is considered as the cradle of civilizations that deeply influenced today’s world. As home of the countless ancient, medieval and world-class modern sites, there is a variety of historical and archaeological sites scattered all over the country – on the mainland and as well as on the islands. The still standing Acropolis & Panthenon in Athens, the Meteora Monasteries, the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi or the archaeological sites of Temple of Hera on Samos, the ancient city of Hestia on Limnos (all UNESCO protected sites), the Acropolis on Thasos are just a few of them.

“Let food by thy medicine”..

Hippocrates first suggested “let food be thy medicine”. Today the Grecians follow the same philosophy with focus on everything synonymous with fresh local products like olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, octopus, and of course grapes and figs. Greece’s grazing tradition of drinking “Ouzo”, made from the sun kissed grapes and anise, gives you the hints of Grecian slow living philosophy; small plates of mezes shared by a couple of friends are the must accompaniments so you to sit and drink slowly for hours in a profoundly calm state of mind where all is beautiful and life is fine.
Eating & drinking during a culinary journey here is the truest way to embrace Greek culture, Greek food, and to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Day 1: Arrive Athens / King George Hotel
Day 2: Athens, Exploring the Ancient Acropolis / King George Hotel
Day 3: Athens/Cape Sounion | Culinary Delights & Poseidon’s Temple / King George Hotel
Day 4: Crete, A Mythic Island in Time
Day 5: Crete,  Minoan Cultural Immersion
Day 6: Crete, Day at leisure
Day 7: Santorini,  Jewel of the Cyclades
Day 8: Santorini, Wine Tasting
Day 9: Santorini, Day at leisure
Day 10: Mykonos, Picturesque Paradise
Day 11: Mykonos | History of the Greek Merchants
Day 12: Mykonos | Relaxing on the Aegean
Day 13: Depart Mykonos



Day 1: Arrive Athens / King George Hotel
Day 2: Athens / King George Hotel
Day 3: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 4: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 5: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 6: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 7: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 8: Porto Heli / Amanzoe
Day 9: Departure



Day 1  Athens
Day 2  Athens
Day 3  Athens
Day 4  Athens/Olympia
Day 5  Olympia/Delphi
Day 6  Delphi /Kalambaka
Day 7  Kalambaka/Athens
Day 8  Athens/Airport